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Here you’ll find just a small selection of some of our jury verdicts and settlement amounts:

Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury

In August 2018, in Sante Fe, NM, a jury verdict of $73.21 million was secured for a child who suffered injuries at the hands of a doctor and medical team who neglected to properly monitor the infant’s development before birth. The child suffered from a brachial plexus injury as well as brain damage and will require lifelong care.

Wrongful Death – Pharmacy Negligence

$5 million secured for a family that suffered after a loved one passed away due to hospital pharmacy negligence.

Construction Accident

$3.25 million secured after a construction site scaffold failure.

Wrongful Death – Truck Accident

$2 million secured after a wrongful death that occurred after a trucking collision.

Wrongful Death – Medical Malpractice

$1.75 million secured after a wrongful death that occurred after a complication from a colonoscopy.

Medical Malpractice

$1.6 million secured for a medical malpractice case for a child diagnosed with pediatric compartment syndrome following a leg fracture.

Medical Malpractice

$1.25 million secured for a medical malpractice case involving bowel perforation.

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