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Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm is a team of legal professionals who have record setting trial verdicts.

For more than a quarter of a century, Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm has helped accident victims hold people, companies, and groups accountable for negligent acts or wrongdoings that have been committed. If you have suffered from a serious injury that could have been prevented, our Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona trial lawyers are ready to do what we can to get you the compensation you need to recover.

Our attorneys only handle personal injury and wrongful death cases where individuals or their loved ones were harmed by actions that can be legally determined as reckless, careless, or otherwise wrongful. These are events that shouldn’t have happened. We’re here to right that wrong and ensure justice is upheld.

As litigation experts who only accept injury and wrongful death claims, we have an advantage over law firms that handle multiple types of lawsuits. We understand how to win against the opposition and how local and federal laws impact the various types of cases we most often see. We know that every case is 100% different from the next and treat every potential client with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Our clients often say they are consistently surprised by how friendly and approachable we are. It’s a simple fact that people often reach out to us during their worst times. Our goal is to do what we can to ease the burdens of our clients and help grant peace of mind. At the same time, we aim to give straightforward advice and steer potential clients away from legal options that may not be worthwhile. Honesty and integrity matter.

When it’s time to go to court, aggressiveness is key and can make the difference between winning a case and failing to do so. Our trial lawyers won’t hesitate to take a case all the way to court if necessary, to aggressively fight for a client’s rights. We can provide skillful and decisive legal representation inside the courtroom and out.

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Practice Areas

Many different types of accidents can result in serious injuries or lasting harm. Negligence is the defining factor for these types of incidents that determines if a victim is eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. Regardless of the type of accident or incident you were involved in, if you believe negligence was the indirect or direct cause, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our Southwest trial lawyers. Below you’ll find links to some of the most common practice areas we represent clients for in addition to a list of every practice area we cover.

What Our Clients Say

At Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm, we prioritize people above everything else. We value the feedback we receive from clients and use it to better our services and ensure our clients’ voices are heard in situations no one should have to endure. Read a few of our client testimonials below to get an idea of how our services have helped individuals and families throughout the Southwest move forward after a devastating injury.
"Great job!! What more can I say about Adrian and his staff. We turned to him when we had nowhere else to go. Turns out it was the best decision we could have ever made. They represented us in a difficult case and made those responsible be accountable for there actions. My family is better having them in our corner."
Personal Injury Client

Why Choose Us?

At Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm, you can trust your case will be in good hands. Our personal injury attorneys have the experience, compassion, and dedication required to handle complex cases that many practices may hesitate to represent clients for. Read below to find some of the reasons why you may wish to consider reaching out to our firm.

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The Right Legal Team Matters
Our team of trial attorneys has been practicing law since 1999. We’re committed to helping catastrophically injured victims maximize their recovery options.
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Trust Our Knowledge Base
We’re proud to provide potential and current clients with useful information regarding laws, information about injuries and lawsuits, and more.
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We Believe in Community
Our injury lawyers believe in doing all they can for our local communities and for those in need. We’re proud to give back in multiple ways.
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Our Results Make a Difference
Read a few of our most recent case settlements and verdicts to see how we’ve helped clients across the Southwest succeed in their claims.
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We Offer the Advice You Need
When you reach out to us, your first consultation is always free. We can provide honest advice about your situation and potential claim.
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Experience Carries Weight
We understand the methods insurance companies use to try and deny victims from compensation. This experience helps our attorneys.

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