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Medical Malpractice Attorneys, Buckingham & Barrera

Experienced Gallbladder Surgery Malpractice Attorneys Providing Exceptional Representation & Advocacy

When mistakes happen during gallbladder surgery, people can be seriously harmed, need additional surgeries and even suffer life-threatening injuries.

At Buckingham Barrera Law Firm, our lawyers understand how catastrophic and damaging gallbladder surgery injuries can be – especially when those injuries could have been prevented if a medical professional had been more experienced, attentive and careful. That is why, for more than two decades, we have been dedicated to helping injured patients:

  • Determine when medical negligence has played a role in causing their gallbladder surgery injuries
  • Identify all available legal remedies
  • Protect their rights and interests as they proceed
  • Take the necessary steps to secure the full amount of compensation deserved.

As fierce litigators with a strong record of success, our lawyers know how to fight insurance companies and other daunting opponents to help our clients maximize their recoveries. Additionally, during the recovery process, our clients can count on us for compassion and support, as well as personal service, accessibility and responsiveness.

Although our representation cannot change the past, it can make an enormous difference in your case, your recovery and your future.

Continue exploring the rest of our site for additional information about our services and experience. Whenever you are ready for answers specific to your case, rights and circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact our Midland medical malpractice attorneys by calling (432) 570-1919 or by emailing our firm via the contact form on this page.

We are ready to give you the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family as you move forward.