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David Fadduol

While the Sandias, green chile, and the Rio Grande have not always been home for David, he has wholeheartedly adopted the New Mexico way of life since moving to Albuquerque in 2013. And, just like he didn’t expect to become a New Mexican, David didn’t plan on being an attorney.

David grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and had every intention of moving away, going to medical school, and becoming a doctor as soon as he “grew up”. As planned, David moved to Massachusetts after graduating high school, graduated from Boston university with a degree in psychology from Boston University, and did well on the medical school entrance exam. But David also spent the summer after he graduated college working in a personal injury law firm. This experience convinced David that the best way he could help people better their lives after an injury was not by being a doctor, but by becoming a lawyer. Since graduating from UNM in 2015, David has exclusively represented New Mexicans that have been injured or killed under different circumstances such as car wrecks, oil field incidents, and by medical malpractice. His success helping people has always made him feel like he chose the right path and he is happy to be an attorney in New Mexico.

Aside from eating a lot of chile (and a lot of chile on foods he didn’t realize were better with chile), in his spare time, David enjoys exploring New Mexico by hiking, fishing, and camping with his wife and two dogs.



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