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Did you slip and fall because of a slippery floor that didn’t have a Caution Wet Floor sign? Or was there a loose carpet that made you trip? You may have sustained injuries that are causing pain, extensive medical bills, and are keeping you away from work. When a premises has a hazard or other dangers present, the property owner is supposed to warn others or fix the problems to prevent these accidents. A Tucson, AZ premises liability lawyer from Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm can help you hold the negligent property owner accountable for their actions and seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Our law firm has experience representing clients who were harmed because property owners didn’t take care of their building and land. When we’re on your side, we’ll guide you through the legal process every step of the way and keep you up to date on the status of your case. We’re here for you.

What Are the Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents?

Your accident may have been one of the common accidents that occurs when a property owner is negligent. These accidents can cause injuries that could cause temporary disabilities or may have lasting consequences. Some of these accidents include:

  • Electrocution/Burn Injuries. Faulty wiring could lead to electrical issues. If someone touches an exposed wire, they could be electrocuted. If there’s a wiring issue in the walls, it could potentially be a fire hazard that could result in burn injuries.
  • Dog Bites. While many people may enjoy living with a dog, they are responsible for keeping others safe from it both on and off their property. If the dog is out, the owners need to have a leash so they can remain in control. They also need to make sure their dog cannot leave their property, like through a broken fence. If a dog gets loose, it could bite someone or knock someone over.
  • Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall. When surfaces are dangerous to walk on, whether it’s from a spilled liquid, uneven surface, potholes in a parking lot, or a torn carpet, they can cause falls. Falling accidents can cause brain injuries, broken bones, sprains, and more.
  • Dangers from Attractive Nuisances. If there’s a pool, trampoline, or other attraction on the property, the owner needs to make sure it’s secure, especially if children could access it. Pools are supposed to have a gate or fence so others need to have access to use the pool. A child could get to a pool without a fence and potentially drown.
  • Attacks from Negligent Security. If someone is attacked or assaulted on a property, the property owner may be responsible if they didn’t have adequate security measures like having a guard, working surveillance, or proper lighting.
  • Falling Debris. In a store, if items are improperly packed or stacked above, they could fall and hit the head of someone underneath.

When these injuries occur, you may not know what it will take to make a full recovery. While you’re dealing with time away from work, medical treatment, and keeping up with other bills, you deserve to have experienced representation to investigate your case and fight for you to get the recovery you deserve. A Tucson, AZ premises liability lawyer from our law firm will discover what caused your accident and how you were injured.

What Should You Do After an Accident on Another’s Property?

While you may be hurt and confused after an accident occurs, you may be able to take steps that could help you get full and fair compensation in the future. It’s important to gather as much data and evidence as possible so your lawyer can show what caused your injuries and other losses.

  • Report the Accident. When an accident occurs, report it to the person in charge. This could be a manager, supervisor, or whoever is in charge at that time. When you’re writing out your report, you need to be as detailed as possible. The incident will be fresh in your mind and you could record details that you could leave out if you give the report days later. This will also document the day of the incident.
  • Take Photographs. Taking pictures of the hazard and your injuries can help show that you were a victim of negligence.
  • Seek Medical Attention. When you’ve done what you can at the accident scene, you’ll need to get a medical evaluation so you’re able to find out the extent of your injuries. A doctor will be able to assess you and begin treating you. While you may feel okay after the accident, you should still see a doctor as you could be in shock and this can mask symptoms of injuries. The injuries will also be on your medical record to show they arose after the accident.
  • Reach Out to a Premises Liability Lawyer. Now that you have made an accident report and have taken care of your health, you can start looking toward the future. A Tucson, AZ premises liability lawyer can help you get justice.

When we’re seeking compensation for you, our lawyers will look into what the accident has cost you in medical expenses, days away from work, and how long you’ll have to deal with your injuries. We’ll seek the following damages:

  • Lost Wages, Diminished Earning Capacity, and Loss of Earnings
  • Medical Expenses (Past and Future)
  • Property Damage
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Mental Anguish

As we’re handling your claim, it’s important for you to protect your rights, too. You may have an insurance adjuster contact you to try and get you to settle your claim. They’ll likely not offer you the full compensation you deserve. While we can communicate with the insurance company, you should also take measures to protect the information you put on social media.

Insurance companies can take information from your social media and try to use it to reduce your claim. If you’re posting photos or about how you’re feeling, then they may say your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim. The best way to prevent this is to set your accounts to private, not post anything about the case, and perhaps refrain from posting updates on social media at all. If you have any questions, a premises liability attorney from our law firm can help you.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm Is on Your Side

A Tucson, AZ premises liability lawyer will fight for you to recover and will always act in your best interests. We understand how complicated these claims can be, as premises liability claims could be against a business, a neighbor, or another kind of institution. No matter where your accident occurred, you didn’t deserve to be hurt because the property owner didn’t make sure that others would be safe. We’ll know what category the premises falls under and the necessary steps to take so you can get justice.

Contact our office today for a free case evaluation. As soon as we meet, we can begin looking over the details of your case and strategize how we’re going to fight for your rights. We’ll go over your legal options and find the best way to move forward.

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