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When someone makes a negligent decision, they can cause an accident that brings harm to innocent people. It only takes a moment of recklessness to potentially cause injuries with life-changing consequences. These results can be catastrophic—injuries that cause permanent disability, high medical costs, and a long road of medical treatment can cause a lot of uncertainty about the future. However, this doesn’t mean the injured party cannot stand up for themselves. They can take legal action and seek justice. If you or a loved one has been injured due to negligence, our San Antonio, TX personal injury lawyers are here for you. We’re on your side.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm has protected the rights of our clients for years. Our experience in personal injury law has resulted in successfully handling legal claims and getting maximum compensation for our clients. While the losses of an accident can put your life on hold, we’re here to remind you this is only a temporary situation. Our law firm will help you make your voice heard. We’ll fight for you to get the financial security you need.

Our Lawyers Have Years of Experience in Personal Injury Law

Personal injury covers a variety of areas. When people act negligently in these kinds of situations, they can cause an accident and injuries—but all the costs of these do not need to fall solely on your shoulders. The San Antonio, TX personal injury lawyers at Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm are experienced in these areas of personal injury and know how to build a strong case for each one.

The injuries you can sustain from any of the incidents listed above can be devastating. We aim to maximize compensation for our clients and we’ll work diligently to get you the justice you deserve. When you have experienced representation protecting your rights in Texas, you have a better chance of having a successful outcome.

While the legal process can be complicated, our lawyers are experts and will make sure your claim is filed properly. We’ll help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions and seek a full recovery on your behalf.

Texas Personal Injury Attorneys Stand by Your Side

A personal injury lawyer can help you through the complexities of the personal injury claims process. We understand how you can feel like your world has been turned upside down and that a legal claim is the last item you want to add to your responsibilities. You’re dealing with the aftermath of a traumatizing accident, and these losses can quickly become overwhelming. While you’re trying to work on your recovery, you still have the tasks and bills that you used to have before the accident. This is too much for one person to do on their own. Our attorneys know how the accident can affect you and that you’re likely dealing with the following:

  • Injuries. Your injuries may need treatment and time before you’re completely healed. During this time, you may have temporary disabilities or have to rest so your injuries can heal properly.
  • Medical Bills. Past treatment costs and the medical expenses you’ll incur in the future can begin to pile up. As these medical bills come in, you may not know how you’re going to cover these costs.
  • Missing Work. Injuries and financial struggles are a lot by themselves, but you may also have added stress from missing work.
  • Pain and Suffering. The injuries you’re dealing with can also impede your everyday life by causing pain. It may be even more difficult for you to complete everyday tasks because your motion is limited.

As you’re trying to move forward, you may also have harassing phone calls from an insurance adjuster who will attempt to get an official statement from you, before you even know the full extent of your injuries. If you’ve been hurt in an accident and an adjuster contacts you within days, some of your injury symptoms may not even have presented yet.

The information you provide could be used to reduce your claim. It may only reflect what you know in that moment and when you do know the full extent of your injuries, the insurance adjuster may say that you didn’t mention it at the time.

If the insurance adjuster does make an offer, you may think they properly evaluated your claim. You can accept the offer and move forward. However, this offer may not reflect the costs of your injuries. Accepting this offer could lead to financial struggles in the future. The adjuster will always work for the insurance company’s best interests, which unfortunately is giving you as little as possible. You need representation you can count on.

Our San Antonio, TX personal injury lawyers know the various methods that an insurance adjuster may try to reduce the compensation you can receive. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting phone calls pressuring you for a statement. We can facilitate that communication so you’re able to focus on healing.

With a personal injury lawyer on your side, you can trust them to protect your best interests and to not let you settle for less than you deserve. We understand how severely a personal injury accident can affect your life and that filing a claim can put you on the path to putting this event behind you. Let’s take a look at how our lawyers can help you get justice.

San Antonio, TX personal injury lawyers

How Our San Antonio, TX Personal Injury Lawyers Will Fight for You

Representation from a personal injury lawyer means you have someone looking out for you and your future. When we are evaluating the accident, we’ll take the time to find the full extent of your injuries and how your life has been changed because of another’s negligent actions. We’ll take careful steps to make sure we know the total costs of the accident. This includes the following steps:

  • Evaluate the Costs of Injuries. Your medical records and other information regarding your health after the accident can show the injuries you sustained and what it will take for you to recover. This includes the types of treatment, medicine, medical equipment, and the possible time frame you’ll have to live with your injuries. We’ll also take note how this affects your ability to work, whether it’s returning to the work force or having a permanent injury that prevents you from doing your previous job.
  • Examine Evidence. As we look at police reports, photographs of the accident scene, and other evidence about the case, we’ll determine what happened. We’ll find out who acted negligently when they owed you a duty of care, how they exhibited negligence, and how their actions caused the accident that harmed you.
  • Build Your Case. Once we’ve understood how the accident occurred and how it affected you, we can build the case that will claim you’re owed full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Your compensation can include economic and noneconomic damages, which refer to the financial and additional losses you’ve suffered.

As we’re going through the legal process together, it’s important that you know the best ways to protect your case during this time. We can help you avoid other methods that could put your claim in jeopardy. You don’t need to have direct communication with an insurance adjuster in order for them to find reasons to reduce the compensation amount you’re owed. One of the other ways they may try to do this is to use your social media.

Nearly everyone has social media accounts and it’s common for people to regularly post about their lives. If you’ve been in an accident, you may want to update people through your social media about how you’re feeling or the progress you’ve made. The posts you make may have information that they could use to say that your injuries aren’t as severe as you say they are.

Regular posts, photos of you, and details about how you’re feeling are all examples of information regarding your claim that could be used against you. While you may think that refraining from posting about your accidents is the safest way to prevent this, it may be even safer to not use social media during this time. You should also set your accounts to private so you know who is accessing your profile.

Our personal injury lawyers can answer any of your questions about how your actions may affect your claim and what you can do to avoid giving the other side any reason to call your claim into question.

When a trial lawyer is in your corner, you don’t need to worry about an insurance company taking advantage of your situation or that you’re not taking the right steps forward. We’re here to fight for you and we’ll do that with passion and diligence.

During this process, there’s typically a negotiation period where both sides may come to an agreement on a settlement, and the case doesn’t need to go to court. However, if you’re not getting a fair settlement that will lead to complications down the road, our Texas attorneys will fight on your behalf in the courtroom.

We’re Proud to Protect the Rights of San Antonio Residents

San Antonio is one of the largest cities in the Lone Star State. This is a place where anyone can live—there’s always something to enjoy in the city, whether it’s the local food, markets, and the historic sites right in downtown San Antonio.

With a diverse population, there are all kinds of cultural events to experience, like Fiesta San Antonio, which celebrates the myriad cultures of the city. It began as a parade in 1891 in honor of those who fought at the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Now, it’s a large festival that attracts people from all over the country.

San Antonio also offers plenty of outdoor activities if you’re looking to avoid the crowds. Numerous nature parks and trails are available so people can go hiking, bicycling, and enjoy being outside.

There are so many aspects that make this city special and opportunities for residents to make the most out of living here. As people are living their lives, they rarely expect an accident to occur. Their lives could change in an instant. The resulting injuries and losses can take a huge toll on someone’s life and they may not know what to do next. That’s where our law firm comes in.

The San Antonio, TX personal injury lawyers from our firm will guide you through the legal process and help you get the recovery you deserve so you can heal. While the process can take time, we’re going to do everything we can for your case and you can get back to your life in this vibrant and exciting city.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm Can Help

While an accident can impose many challenges, our San Antonio, TX personal injury lawyers are here for you. We look out for the wrongfully injured and their families. You shouldn’t have to worry about affording care or food when you’re suffering from injuries that should have been prevented. We’ll do everything possible for your compensation to fully reflect the injuries and damages you’ve incurred.

To start working on your case, reach out to our law office today. Your case evaluation is obligation-free, meaning you don’t have to pay anything. We can go over what happened and determine how long you have to come forward with a claim, as personal injury claims have a statute of limitations. If you’re outside of this time, you will not be able to pursue a legal claim.

We’re here to serve residents of San Antonio and the state of Texas. You can trust our personal injury attorneys with your legal claim while you can work on healing. We’ll go through this process together so you have peace of mind that your rights and future are in safe hands.

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