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While large trucks need to be on the road just as much as other drivers do, it can still be intimidating to drive near them. These large vehicles can cause a lot of damage in collisions. If the truck driver or someone involved with the trucking company acted negligently, it could result in a crash that causes irreparable harm. Have you or a loved one been hurt in a collision involving a commercial vehicle? A Rio Rancho, NM truck accident lawyer from Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm can fight for your future.

Our law firm knows how to handle cases involving a crash with an 18 wheeler. These accidents can completely change a family’s life. We’re here to protect your rights and best interests so you can get the outcome you deserve. Our attorneys will seek to maximize your compensation so you can cover the costs of your injuries and damages.

How Does Negligence Cause Big Rig Accidents?

Many instances of negligence can spiral toward a situation that results in an accident. When examining the debris of a truck collision, it can seem impossible to know exactly what happened and who was at fault. Our team has experience with investigating these accidents. A Rio Rancho, NM truck accident lawyer from our firm will examine the evidence from the scene and any other relevant evidence to find out what happened.

  • Trucker Inexperience. A trucker that doesn’t have the experience of operating an 18 wheeler may not know that it takes more time to speed up, slow down, make turns, and there are extended blind spots. They could have overcorrected their steering or failed to notice that there was a car in their blind spot when they decided to change lanes. These situations can result in dangerous override accidents.
  • Trucker Negligence. Even experienced drivers may take risks while behind the wheel. Using their cell phone, speeding, or following other cars too closely could be the reason why the crash happened. If a driver is particularly aggressive and is weaving through traffic, they could lose control of their rig and crash. Some truck drivers may be operating their vehicle while drunk, which will severely impact their ability to drive.
  • Fatigue. Exhausted drivers have reduced reaction time and may have trouble staying awake while driving. According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study, trucker alertness has more to do with the time of day than the time on task. It found that drivers are less alert at night. They’re more likely to be drowsier if they’ve been on the road for a long time.
  • Cargo Unsecured/Overload. Cargo that isn’t secure in the trailer can move while the semi is in motion, and possibly knock it off balance and cause a jackknife accident. An overloaded trailer may be too much for the truck’s axles. If they fail, a wreck could occur.
  • Cargo Spill. Cargo can fall out of the semi and strike cars behind it. If the cargo is a chemical or flammable liquid and a crash occurs, it could ignite.
  • Lack of Maintenance. A truck that doesn’t undergo maintenance could have an undetected issue. The trucker may think the vehicle is safe to drive. If a part or system breaks, they could lose control of their vehicle.

In some cases, there are other factors that can affect a crash. It could have happened during a storm or at night when visibility was low, or the road could have been slick from rain. We’ll find the reason and any other contributing factors to why your accident happened and how you were injured.

Your Lawyer Will Find Who Was at Fault for the Truck Accident

When you’re seeking justice, you need to know who owed you a duty of care and how the failed to meet that duty. There are a few possibilities of who was liable for the accident. Your attorney will look into each possibility to see if one or more parties were at fault:

  • Truck Driver. The driver could have made a mistake while operating the big rig or made a reckless decision that resulted in a crash.
  • Trucking Company. Sometimes, it may not be the trucker’s fault, but the trucking company. If they have negligent hiring practices, do not regularly check their vehicles for safety, or overload the vehicle, then they could be held accountable for the collision.
  • Mechanic. If a mechanic worked on the truck and failed to fix something or caused a new issue that resulted in a truck accident, your lawyer will find out what they did and how they acted negligently.
  • Manufacturing Company. A truck driver may have gotten into an accident because their brakes stopped working, headlights wouldn’t turn on, or their rig wasn’t responding to the steering wheel. If the auto part manufacturing company sold a defective part, then they may be responsible for the semitrailer crash.

Standing up to a trucking company or manufacturing company can seem intimidating, but you won’t have to feel that way when you have a Rio Rancho, NM truck accident lawyer on your side. We’re ready to deal with representation from the other party and fight for you to get justice.

The Consequences of Semitruck Collisions

The injuries after an 18 wheeler crash can be life-threatening. Sometimes, the injuries can cause permanent health complications or other problems that will require continued care for the rest of the person’s life. When these injuries prevent someone from returning to work, they’re called catastrophic injuries. A large commercial truck’s size and weight is likely to be much bigger and heavier than the car involved in the crash, making it likely for the car occupants to sustain serious or catastrophic injuries.

Truck crash injuries can include:

  • Loss of Limb
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Broken Bones
  • Internal Organ Damage

When you’re recovering from injuries like those listed above, you’re likely not thinking about how you’re going to take on a legal claim. If you have an insurance adjuster offering a settlement, it can seem like a good idea to accept the offer and put that behind you. However, this will likely not cover the full losses of your injuries and damages. Your Rio Rancho, NM truck accident lawyer will fight for you to get full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Our lawyers conduct a thorough investigation to see all the ways that you were hurt in the accident. This includes your injuries, what it has cost to treat them, what you’ll need to afford in medical bills in the future, your time away from work, and the damages done to your car. If you won’t be able to go back to your job or the workforce, we will take that into account a well.

We also fight for the emotional impact of your injuries and losses. The pain and suffering of living with your injuries, loss of enjoyment of life because you’re not able to participate in activities you previously liked to do, and mental anguish from the accident or if your injuries caused permanent scarring or disfigurement, are all damages we’ll consider when calculating your compensation.

Get the Representation You Deserve

After a devastating truck accident has upended your life, we’re here to help. Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm will be at your side throughout the legal process and will support you every step of the way. We’ll fiercely advocate for your rights to full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. While we’re working on your case, you can work on healing.

Reach out to us today for a free case evaluation with a Rio Rancho, NM truck accident lawyer. We’ll go over your legal options and will address any concerns or questions that you have. We’re ready to stand up for you and help you move forward.

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