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Motorcyclists in Texas have a beautiful natural landscape to enjoy riding. Many may also choose a motorcycle as their way to get around the city—especially one as big as Dallas. While you may do everything you can to be alert and as safe as possible, other drivers may not exercise the same caution as you when you’re on the road. Their actions may lead to a collision that causes serious injuries. If this has happened to you, a Dallas, TX motorcycle accident lawyer can stand up for your rights.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm will fight for you to recover compensation for your injuries and losses. While the accident may have been devastating, we’re here to help you move forward with financial security. You can feel confident that you’re going to have what you need to recover from this accident.

Texas Motorcycle Safety Laws

Helmet use for motorcyclists can change depending on the state you’re in. As a Texas motorcyclist, it’s important to know how the state treats helmet safety. Helmet use depends on facts like age, insurance, and training. If someone is over the age of 21, has completed a motorcycle safety course, and is insured, then they do not have to wear a helmet.

In addition to motorcycle helmet laws, TxDOT also urges drivers to pay attention at intersections, giving motorcyclists room when passing, and to always go the speed limit. However, negligent drivers may not follow these safety tips and cause a severe accident. Our law firm can help injured motorcyclists in Dallas.

Why Should You Contact a Dallas, TX Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

While the accident may have been a blur, the reality of the wreck’s consequences can be all too clear. You could have severe injuries that will take a long time to heal, will have to take off time from work, your bike may have been destroyed in the crash, and you have to deal with the emotional toll of living with your injuries. The best way for you to move through this is to take legal action.

You can hold the negligent party responsible for their actions and you can seek compensation for your injuries and damages. A Dallas, TX motorcycle accident lawyer will give you the strongest chance of recovering maximum compensation for your losses.

Our attorneys will look into how the accident has cost you and what you’ll need to continue to afford in the future. This could be physical therapy, continued time home from work—we’ll calculate all the economic and noneconomic losses from the accident.

We will also launch a thorough investigation of your case so we can find out how the other party acted negligently and caused your injuries. We’ll build a case that will show you suffered significant injuries and losses that could have been prevented if the other driver hadn’t been negligent.

You can also count on us to advocate for your best interests and not let the insurance company give you less than you deserve. Motorcyclists may face a stereotype of being dangerous drivers, so insurance companies may conclude that you could have contributed to the severity of your injuries. They may use this reasoning to reduce your compensation. Our lawyers know this isn’t the case and you deserve full and fair compensation.

What Negligent Actions Cause Motorcycle Accidents in Dallas?

You’ll need to establish how the other person caused your accident because they acted carelessly. Specific situations where negligence can result in a wreck include:

  • Intersection Accidents. Turning left at an intersection can be dangerous because if the person turning isn’t careful, they could collide with a motorcyclist driving straight through the intersection. Motorcyclists are much smaller and more difficult to spot, so if a driver isn’t looking for them, they may not notice them approaching.
  • Passing/Merging Collisions. When a driver is passing a motorcyclist or merging, they may not give the biker enough room. If they clip the biker in any way, the rider could lose their balance and sustain serious injuries.
  • Aggressive Driving. When drivers are speeding or following too closely, they could cut off riders or force them to make an evasive maneuver to avoid a collision—but this may result in the biker losing control of their vehicle.
  • Distracted Driving. Drivers looking away from the road may not notice if they’re drifting, traffic is slowing down or stopping, or a motorcyclist changing lanes.

When a driver has harmed you in an accident, your Dallas, TX motorcycle accident lawyer will investigate your case and discover what they did to cause the collision. There’s no excuse for negligent driving and your accident could have been prevented. We’ll hold them accountable.

Why Do Motorcyclists Sustain Severe Injuries?

You’ll need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer advocating for you because they’re going to fight for you to recover for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered. Motorcyclists tend to sustain serious injuries because they don’t have much protection from the impact. Some injuries that can occur in a collision include:

  • Brain Injuries. Any time the head is bumped or moved rapidly, the brain can sustain injuries. Some accidents could result in a concussion and others may sustain permanent damage.
  • Internal Organ Damage. The impact can damage internal organs and cause internal bleeding.
  • Road Rash. Motorcyclists can sustain friction burns when their skin scrapes against the ground. This is also known as road rash, which can range from mild to severe.
  • Broken Bones. Broken legs and arms can easily occur if a motorcyclist lands on them and the limb absorbs the impact.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries. Back injuries and spinal cord damage can cause issues with mobility.
  • Amputations. A crash could sever a limb or the person may need to undergo surgery to have it removed if it’s too damaged.
  • Permanent Disfigurement/Scarring. These collisions can cause injuries that have permanent consequences like disfigurement and scarring.

When you’re trying to heal from your injuries, you deserve to have representation you can trust. Your Dallas, TX motorcycle accident lawyer will see how your injuries will continue to affect your life—whether that’s upcoming doctor’s appointments and treatments, or looking into the emotional toll of having a permanent injury. We’ll make sure that your compensation covers the scope of your losses.

What Should You Do After You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Crash?

You may be able to help your case with the actions you take after an accident. This can put you on the right track to getting the information you need that will help you get justice. At the scene, you should:

  • Call for Help. If you’ve sustained serious injuries and cannot move, you need to instruct someone to call 911. If you’re able, call for help and move to safety. When medical professionals arrive on the scene, they can treat injuries and assist you in getting the care you need.
  • Speak with Police. You can provide your side of the story to the police. They’ll report what they find on the scene.
  • Get Driver Information. Exchange information so you and the driver both have insurance policy numbers, contact information, and vehicle information.
  • Take Photographs. Photographs of the accident scene can help show the severity of the damages and the conditions of when the crash happened.

When you’ve done all you can at the scene, you can continue to protect your health and rights in the following days:

  • Get Medical Attention. See a doctor so they can fully evaluate your injuries and begin treating you. They will set you on the path to recovery and your injuries will be officially noted.
  • Record Your Injuries. You can keep a personal record of how the injuries are affecting you. Take note of the pain, physical and emotional, and how they inhibit your day.
  • Get Copy of Police Report. You’ll want a copy of the police report so you can see their assessment of the scene. Your lawyer can also refer to this report.
  • Don’t Speak to the Other Insurance Companies. The other driver’s insurance company may try to contact you to get an official statement. It’s important to not talk to them because they’re likely going to try and get you to settle for less than you deserve.
  • Contact a Dallas, TX Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer who has experience in motorcycle accidents. They’ll help you take the right steps to recovering full and fair compensation.

Once you have a motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you can rest assured that they’ll protect your rights and best interests. When other insurance companies get involved and try to reduce your compensation, part of it may be because they assumed that you had some responsibility for the accident or contributed to the severity of your injuries. Motorcyclists often have to deal with this bias. We won’t let that happen.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm Can Help

Our lawyers are ready to fight for you to get the justice you deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. We can get started on your case and you can put your energy to what matters the most—your health. While you’re recovering physically, we’ll be working diligently to help you recover financially.

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