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When Delivery Trucks and 18-wheelers Collide

Published on Apr 15, 2019 at 11:54 pm in Truck Accidents.

An accident in Texas left the road scattered with drugs and syringes. A pharmacy delivery truck collided with an 18-wheeler truck, leaving a catastrophic mess and a lot of questions. The accident happened around midnight, which makes us think that the driver, if not both drivers, were fatigued and not able to pay attention to the road. Delivery trucks are most notably known for crashing due to the following reasons:

Abrupt movements or stops

It is not uncommon for delivery truck drivers to suddenly stop in the middle of traffic in the course of making their deliveries. Similarly, these drivers tend to quickly get back into traffic, and that can happen with little to no warning to other motorists. These abrupt actions can make it difficult for other motorists to predict the movements of delivery trucks, increasing the risk that accidents will happen.

This reason, in particular, doesn’t seem to apply to the situation mentioned above, however, this serves as a great reminder to never assume that a delivery person sees you – whether you are in a car or traveling by foot.

Obscuring other motorists’ views of the upcoming driving conditions

The large size of delivery trucks can make it difficult for other motorists (especially those traveling behind these trucks) to see when signal lights have changed or when there may be debris in the road ahead, for instance. These trucks can also make it challenging to see other travelers – like motorcyclists, bicycle riders, and/or pedestrians – who are sharing the roads and who are far more vulnerable to suffering catastrophic injuries when accidents happen.

Especially when paired with an 18-wheeler, these trucks can make other drivers feel like they don’t know what’s happening on the road ahead. The collision of two large vehicles can be very dangerous for everyone involved.

Other motorists

Drivers of other passenger vehicles can also play a role in causing delivery truck accidents when, for examples, these drivers run red lights or commit any other traffic violation.

In this case, we don’t know if both trucks were at fault or just the delivery truck.

Items falling off of delivery trucks

If the cargo being carried by the delivery truck has not been secured properly, items can fall off of trucks and cause crashes. In this case, the roads were closed for hours following the accident to try and pick up the debris left over from the crash.

If you are in an accident with a delivery truck or any other cargo vehicle, you may be compensated for any injuries and damages that occur. For more information about your case, give the Buckingham Barrera Truck Wreck Lawyers a call today.

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