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Houston, TX Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When your loved one moves into a nursing home, you expect their medical care and quality of life to be excellent. They’re in the care of professionals who can provide your loved one with the attention and care they need. If your loved one is in a nursing home that doesn’t prioritize their safety and care, their well-being can be put in danger. There are people who can help you stand up for your loved one’s rights. Seek your legal options with a Houston, TX nursing home abuse lawyer from Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm.

No one should be mistreated in their nursing home. Our lawyers are ready to stand up for your loved one. We’ll investigate what happened and how they were harmed. If they were abused or neglected, our law firm will fight for them to get justice.

What Are the Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence?

Texas nursing home residents have the right to live in a safe environment where they will not be abused, and be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always prevent these situations from happening in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The following are the different types of abuse that can occur:

  • Physical. Abusive staff members may push, shove, or hit your loved one. Handling too roughly like gripping or squeezing your loved one’s arm too tightly can also cause physical harm.
  • Emotional/Psychological. Belittling your loved one, shouting, or threatening are forms of emotional abuse. It’s also possible for this abuse to occur when those taking care of your loved one speak about them like they’re not present, ignore them, or isolate them from others in the home.
  • Sexual. This form of abuse occurs when your loved one is forced into a sexual interaction that was unwanted or without consent. In some situations, a senior may have a condition or disability that prevents them from being able to consent.
  • Financial. Some may take advantage of your loved one and steal money, forge checks, or try to obtain a nest egg if your loved one has one.
  • Restraints. Physical and chemical restraints may be used to make it easier to control your loved one. This can result in injuries and also affect your loved one’s mental state.

While the above examples are types of abuse, there are other ways that a nursing home may harm your loved one. Abuse usually involves the willful intent of the person inflicting the abuse on your loved one. This is different from negligence, but a negligent nursing home can be just as dangerous.

A negligent nursing home may not be able to provide your loved one with the care they need. They may not have the amount of staff to attend to your loved one on a regular basis or their staff may lack the experience to properly care for your loved one.

When your loved one is being neglected, they may miss meals, medication doses, and may be by themselves for most of the day. This can cause their health and quality of life to decline.

A Houston, TX nursing home abuse lawyer from our law firm will find out how your loved one was mistreated. Whether it’s a case of abuse or neglect, we’re here to fight for them.

Who Abuses or Neglects Nursing Home Residents?

When your loved one is in the care of a nursing home, they may be in contact with a number of medical professionals and other employees. A nursing home employs a variety of people who are supposed to provide your loved one with the care and safe environment they deserve. Some workers your loved one may see regularly include:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • Nursing Aides
  • Home Health Aides
  • Cooks, Food Preparation Workers
  • Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers

A Houston, TX nursing home abuse lawyer will review who your loved one interacted with and find out who is responsible for their abuse or neglect.

Red Flags That Could Indicate Elder Abuse in Texas Nursing Homes

There are certain factors that could prevent your loved one from telling you that something is wrong with their care. If your loved one has a form of memory loss, they may not be lucid all the time and aren’t able to tell you. Other conditions may also affect a senior’s ability to communicate that someone is hurting them.

Some other reasons why your loved one may not tell you that they’re being abused is because they’re ashamed of what’s happening or they’re afraid of retaliation. Since they may not be able to tell you, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of abuse or neglect.

  • Injuries/Illnesses. If your loved one has bruises, broken bones, has fallen, or is consistently ill, this can be a sign of abuse or neglect.
  • Change in Demeanor. Noticing changes in your loved one’s behavior may indicate that something is wrong. Acting fearful, withdrawn, or otherwise not like their usual selves are possible changes that should make you take note.
  • Bed Sores. If your loved one has developed bed sores, they are being left alone in the same position for too long. Regular movement and rotation prevents bed sores. This could point to a problem with the nursing home having enough staff to regularly attend to their patients.
  • Lack of Personal Hygiene. Your loved one may need help with bathing, brushing hair, dental care, and changing clothes. If you notice an odor or that they’re not being taken care of, this can be another sign of neglect.
  • Unhygienic Environment. Clean bedsheets and a sanitized environment show that the place is being regularly cleaned, which can help prevent the spread of germs. If you notice soiled bed sheets or that the nursing home isn’t clean, then your loved one could be living in a dirty environment.

If you complain about your loved one’s care or living conditions, it is against the law for you or your loved one to face any retaliation from the nursing home. Should the nursing home retaliate, our lawyers are here to protect you and your loved one’s rights.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm Can Fight for Your Loved One

A neglectful or abusive Texas nursing home can cause a lot of harm to your loved one. When you learn that they’ve been hurt, you may feel like you don’t know who to turn to for help. After you get your loved one to a safe place, you can start taking steps to getting them justice for what they’ve been through. Our nursing home abuse lawyers will stand by your side and fight for your loved one.

Going up against a nursing home takes experience and knowledge of nursing home abuse law. The attorneys at our law firm have both. We will not be intimidated or allow you to settle for less than your loved one deserves.

As our fight for your loved one progresses, it may need to proceed to court to get justice. Our trial lawyers have fought for countless clients in the courtroom and can do the same for you and your loved one.

To get started on your loved one’s nursing home abuse claim, reach out to our law firm today. We’ll schedule a free case evaluation to review what’s happened, how they were treated, and what options you have so you can help your loved one and move forward.



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