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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Texas

Published on Jun 18, 2020 at 1:16 pm in Car Accidents.

Texas highway

Before you drive anywhere in our great state of Texas, you should know which roads and intersections are the most dangerous so you can plan your route accordingly. If you can’t avoid those roads and areas, it’s best to be aware of the danger so you know how to adjust your driving. Even if you’re always a vigilant driver, knowing which roads and intersections are more dangerous than usual can help you avoid accidents.

Even if you’re driving with extreme caution, an auto wreck isn’t always avoidable. Other drivers can be negligent or reckless and cause a devastating collision. A Midland car accident lawyer from Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm can help you sort through your legal options after a wreck and take the necessary steps to getting you back on your feet.

Texas is the largest state in the lower 48, and while it has more miles of highway than the other states, our highways are not the most dangerous. Other states, like California and Florida take the titles of most dangerous highways, but Texas still has roads and intersections that are more dangerous than others in the state. In 2017, Texas had 14,282 serious injury crashes, and 763 people were killed in collisions in intersections. Below are some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in Texas.

Death Highways

Route 285, also known as the “death highway,” is used to transport supplies and oil to and from the oil fields, which is what makes it so dangerous, because oil supply is always needed. Drivers of pickup trucks, tractor trailers, and tanker trucks travel frequently on this road, and most are on tight deadlines with expensive equipment. In 2017, 93 people died in accidents along this highway, which can in part be attributed to overworked employees, inexperienced drivers, and poor road surface conditions. Here are some other deadliest highways in our state:

  • I-45 in Harris County
  • IH-35 through Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio
  • IH-20 in Odessa and Dallas
  • IH-10 in Houston
  • I-69C in Edinburg

Even though over half of fatal accidents in Texas occur on rural roads, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, highways in our cities are some of the deadliest roads in our state because they are frequently traveled by many people. Our roads also need improvements in the form of more lanes, filling potholes, and repainting lines to help the conditions and make the roads less dangerous. On top of the problems of the roads themselves, drivers are also a problem with distractions, driving drunk, inexperienced driving,and driving around big rigs that frequent Texas because of the oil industry.

Dangerous Intersections

Highways aren’t the only dangerous parts of our roads. Intersections can also be deadly, and Houston appears most on a list of the top 50 most dangerous intersections in Texas. To be considered dangerous, the intersections had at least 40 or more crashes recorded. Here are the top five most dangerous intersections in the state of Texas:

  • Sam Houston Parkway and Bissonnet Street in Houston
  • Sam Houston Parkway and Hardy Road in Houston
  • Sam Houston Parkway and Westheimer Road in Houston
  • IH-10 and Loop 1604 in San Antonio
  • Braun Road and Loop 1604 in San Antonio

Population growth, construction, and non-perpendicular roadways could be some contributing factors to what makes some intersections more dangerous than others. Still, drivers of vehicles and motorcycles alike must be extra cautious when turning across lanes in order to avoid accidents. Even if you have a green light, it’s important to check your surroundings to make sure other drivers aren’t running their red lights or not paying attention to the road.

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