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The Basics of Birth Malpractice

Welcoming a new life into this world is often one of the greatest moments of any parent’s life; a miracle of human existence joining the population to the joy and expectation of family members, hinging hopes on their successes in the future. The last thing anyone in the hospital room wants is for something to [...]

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Breaking Down Hospital Infection Malpractice

In almost every incident of hospitalization, either for treatment or surgery, the patient will walk out the door better than when they were admitted. Doctors, nurses, and staff work to ensure your health and to remedy any ailment from which you currently suffer. In nearly every instance, patients recover from surgery or treatment without any [...]

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Requisites of Nursing Malpractice

We all do our best to stay in good health: we eat right, we exercise, and we go for regular checkups to ensure that nothing has gone awry. Sometimes, we will need to have extra care given to us, either as a result of our own actions, or for events and circumstances out of our [...]

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The Benefits of a Second Opinion

There will come a day when you, or a loved one, needs to go to the doctor because you are concerned for your health. Maybe there’s a strange stomach pain, perhaps you’re having headaches more frequently and aggressively, or a general malaise falls over you from time to time. Whatever the reason may be, a [...]

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Wrongful Death vs Manslaughter

Wrongful death, outside of the professional healthcare realm, is still a form of negligence. An Albuquerque, NM driver who swerved and killed a 12-year-old girl is being charged with wrongful death due to reckless driving. While he was only going 2 miles per hour over the legal limit, it is assumed he was careless in [...]

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