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Motorcyclists may ride their bikes through San Antonio as their main way of navigating the city or as a hobby. Either way, motorcyclists have as much a right to use the roads as other vehicles. Sometimes, motorists may not have the experience necessary to drive safely next to a biker. When a negligent motorist causes a collision, the motorcyclist is likely to suffer severe injuries and other damages. There are people who can help. A San Antonio, TX motorcycle accident lawyer will stand up for you.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm protects the rights of injured motorcyclists. We’ve helped clients get the compensation they need so they can move forward. Our law firm is prepared to protect your rights and best interests. We’ll fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

What Are the Types of Motorcycle Accidents?

Your lawyer will need to understand all the facts of your case, including the type of accident that you were in. This information could also help determine how your accident occurred and how you were injured. Common types of Texas motorcycle accidents include:

  • Left-Turn Accidents. When a motorcyclist is turning left, a car traveling straight through the intersection may not notice the biker and cause a collision. This situation can also occur if a motorist is turning left and they don’t see a motorcyclist approaching. These accidents can occur because riders are much smaller than cars and are difficult to see.
  • Head-On Collision. If a car is traveling the wrong way on a road or making a turn, they can cause a head-on collision with a rider. These accidents often cause more fatalities than others.
  • Rear-End Collisions. A driver who isn’t paying attention to the road ahead of them may not notice that traffic has slowed or stopped. They may hit the back tire of a bike.
  • Passing Accidents. If a motorist is passing a biker, they may not give them enough space and hit the biker.
  • Lane Change Accidents. A motorist may change lanes and not notice a biker in their blind spot.
  • Single Motorcycle Accident. If a driver is negligent and a motorcyclist has to swerve or take other measures to avoid a collision, they may lose control of the bike and sustain injuries.

A San Antonio, TX motorcycle accident lawyer from our law firm will review the evidence to determine the type of accident that caused your injuries and losses. We can work with accident reconstructionist experts and others to make sure we fully understand what happened. From there, we can further investigate how the accident affected you.

What Injuries Can Texas Motorcyclists Sustain?

When a motorcycle rider is in an accident, their injuries are often serious. They are nearly exposed to the impact of the crash. While some riders may have helmets and protective clothing, they can still sustain injuries that could be fatal.

In order to be a licensed motorcyclist in Texas, riders need to take a motorcycle safety course. While riders can be focused on safety, there is little they can do when another driver is negligent. You could be one of the most cautious motorcyclists, but a reckless driver can still cause severe injuries like:

  • Road Rash. This is a common injury for motorcyclist. The friction between their skin and the ground can cause severe burns and also tear the skin. In severe cases, road rash can reach below the layers of skin and reach the bone. It can cause nerve damage and immediate medical treatment could be necessary.
  • Lower-Extremity Injuries. Motorcyclists may have injuries to their lower extremities like broken bones and fractures.
  • Brain Injuries. If the rider’s head is jostled or bumped, then this can cause a brain injury. Sometimes, brain injuries occur from blunt force trauma, but in other cases, a sharp object can penetrate the skull and harm the brain.
  • Spinal Injuries. Riders usually fall from their bikes in a crash. If they land on their back, they could have permanent spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis.

Our lawyers are aware of the various ways that bikers can be hurt in an accident. While some of your injuries may heal, others may affect you for the rest of your life. Loss of limb, scarring, and disfigurement are possible outcomes in a motorcycle vs. vehicle crash. As you’re trying to work on your healing process, you’ll need representation to take care of your legal matters. Our law firm can help.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Will Fight for You

After an accident, you may need weeks to months of care for your recovery. Between your medical bills, living with your injuries, and the time it will take before you’ve healed, you may want to file a claim and accept the first settlement offer so you can start paying those expenses. However, this may not give you the financial security you need and may cause further financial struggles in the future.

When you have grounds for a claim, you’ll want a San Antonio, TX motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. We can make sure that your compensation reflects the injuries and losses you’ve suffered and that you don’t accept a settlement that’s less than you deserve. Our lawyers will look into the full damages of your accident, which can include:

  • Medical Expenses. Your medical care that you’ve received and that you will need in the future can result in extensive medical costs. Your motorcycle accident attorney will include these bills in your compensation.
  • Lost Wages. Your days of missed work can quickly add up. If you’re healing from serious injuries, you likely won’t be able to work for a while. We’ll calculate the wages you’ve lost because you weren’t able to work.
  • Property Damage. Your motorcycle may have been damaged. We’ll look at photographs of the accident to see how badly the collision affected your bike. These damages can also be included in your compensation.
  • Pain and Suffering. The pain and suffering of your injuries is a noneconomic loss that can be included in your compensation.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life. Your injuries will likely prevent you from being able to work and live your life as you did before the accident. You may be kept from riding your bike for a long time. This loss of enjoyment of life is another loss that doesn’t have a monetary value connected to it, but is something you can recover.
  • Mental Anguish. The trauma of your accident and injuries can cause significant emotional stress. This wouldn’t have happened if the other party had avoided negligent behavior. The mental anguish you’re going through is a loss your lawyers will keep in mind when evaluating your claim.

The insurance company involved in your claim may look for reasons to give you less compensation than you deserve. This includes finding ways to place some of the fault on you. Motorcyclists may have to face unfair biases that they’re reckless or had something to do with the accident. You shouldn’t have to worry about reduced compensation or a claim denial when you weren’t at fault.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys will build you a strong case so you have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve. You should be able to recover for your injuries without worrying about how you’re going to afford the care and put food on the table. Our compassionate lawyers will fight for you to have peace of mind.

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