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When you see truck drivers on the road, you expect them to have the training and experience to operate the vehicle and that the vehicle is safe. However, when someone in the trucking industry is negligent, it can put numerous people at risk of sustaining injuries in an accident. If you or a loved one has been harmed because of this, you need a Phoenix, AZ truck accident lawyer to protect your rights.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm represents clients who have been injured in accidents involving commercial trucks, semitrailers, tractor-trailers, and more. We’ve seen how these vehicles can cause injuries to innocent people that leaves them in pain and in significant debt. When someone’s careless actions cause life-threatening injuries, it’s not fair for the burden to fall on the injured individual. Our lawyers are here to stand up for victims and help them get justice.

We understand how overwhelming this time can be—which is why we’re here to take care of the legal matters. Our lawyers will seek full and fair compensation on your behalf so you’re able to have the recovery you deserve and will be able to plan for the future.

How Often Do Truck Accidents Happen in Arizona?

In Arizona, there are 591,369 registered commercial vehicles. When looking at the number of crashes by vehicle type, truck tractors with or without a semi-trailer had 1,912 crashes. 60 of these vehicles were in fatal crashes and 414 were in injury crashes. Other truck combinations had 9,471 total crashes with 16 in fatal crashes and 2,139 in injury crashes.

When truck tractors were in accidents, 8 drivers were killed and 94 were injured. When there were passengers, 2 were killed and 11 were injured. In other truck combinations, 675 drivers were injured, 1 passenger was killed, and 229 passengers were injured.

As these large trucks are transporting goods across the state, Phoenix drivers may be hurt in an accident that wasn’t their fault. That’s where our law firm steps in. We can help you with your claim.

Why Do Truck Collisions Occur?

When you’re seeking justice for the collision, you’re going to need to know how it happened and who was responsible. The cause can help your lawyer figure out who was negligent and how your injuries occurred. A few common causes of commercial truck accidents include:  

  • Poor Truck Maintenance. Trucking companies need to make sure their trucks are safe. This means the tires are road-ready, the engine is running smoothly, and the steering and brakes are all in working order. If a trucking company skips over maintenance or doesn’t thoroughly check their trucks, then the driver may lose control of the truck and cause an accident.
  • Driver Error. Drivers may not have the experience necessary to safely operate a big rig. If they don’t know how to properly operate a semitrailer, didn’t allow enough time to slow down before turning, or didn’t check blind spots before exiting a lane, then they could collide with another vehicle.
  • Fatigue. Truckers may be behind the wheel when they’re too exhausted to safely operate a rig. They often had demanding schedules and can drive for hours over multiple days. While there are regulations that dictate when they need to take a break to rest, some may not follow the regulations or recognize when they’re too tired to drive. Fatigued drivers could fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Improper Cargo Loading. When an 18 wheeler is hauling cargo, the company needs to secure that cargo in the trailer. If the cargo is loose, it could make the trailer imbalanced or fall out the back and onto the road.
  • Auto Part Malfunction. If a truck has a faulty auto part, it could malfunction while the trucker is on the road. They may not be able to prevent an accident if they lose control of the vehicle.

As your Phoenix, AZ truck accident lawyer investigates your case, we’ll see if the trucking company made a reckless decision, a driver was negligent, or if an auto part manufacturer sold a defective part. When we know who is responsible for your injuries, we’ll start examining evidence to show:

  • You were owed a duty of care.
  • The other party failed to meet this duty of care.
  • Their negligence caused your accident.
  • You suffered injuries and damages in the accident.

We’ll make sure these points are clear so you have the best chance of getting compensation for your injuries. Our lawyers will hold the negligent party accountable and show them the consequences of their negligence.

The Severity of Truck Accidents and Injuries

All truck accidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities because they’re much larger and heavier than regular vehicles. It’s difficult for the truck driver to regain control of the truck once something has been knocked off balance or if they don’t have enough room to slow down and stop. Dangerous truck accidents include:

  • Rollover. This can happen if something causes the truck’s wheels to lift off the ground, like taking a turn too quickly. The truck rolls over and can crash with any vehicle next to it. The truck driver can also sustain serious injuries in this kind of accident.
  • Jackknife. When the trailer isn’t properly loaded, the weight can cause the trailer to come out and forward beside the truck. This makes an L shape and any vehicle in the lane next to the rig could be hit.
  • Override. If a truck driver doesn’t notice a vehicle in front of them or doesn’t give the truck enough time to slow down and stop, the truck can ride over the back of another vehicle. These accidents can be dangerous because the vehicle is trapped underneath the truck and will likely be stuck. If the car is trapped, the truck can crush part of the car, and cause severe injuries to its occupants.

When truck accident victims have catastrophic injuries, they will not be able to return to work. These injuries may never fully heal and may result in a disability. Treatment for catastrophic injuries may need to be ongoing, like taking certain medication to manage symptoms or pain, have medical equipment to help with mobility, and physical therapy to maintain strength. Our lawyers are aware of the possible catastrophic outcomes of truck accidents:

  • Brain Injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of Limb
  • Burn Injuries
  • Internal Organ Damage

All these injuries will likely require immediate care and the person who was injured may need to be in the hospital for a long time before they’ve recuperated to the point where they can continue care at home. The costs of these injuries, both physical and emotional, can be high. That’s why our lawyers will always protect your rights and fight for the best outcome.

A Phoenix, AZ Truck Accident Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

When you have a truck accident lawyer fighting for you, we’ll have your best interests in mind. After we know who caused your accident, how it happened, and how you were injured, we’ll examine the losses you’ve suffered to determine what fair compensation you should recover.

Your compensation can cover medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earnings, property damage, and other financial costs that you’ve incurred because of the accident. We’ll also seek compensation for your other losses. Living with your injuries, especially if they have permanent effects, can mean you may live with pain and will have other difficulties with basic tasks. Damages like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life are ones we’ll fight for you to recover.

As we’re fighting for you, it’s possible the negligent party will not want to take full responsibility for their negligence or to give you the compensation you deserve. While this can be intimidating, our truck accident lawyers in Phoenix have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and the legal time representing the other party.

We’ll help you stand up to insurance companies and will fight for you to get full and fair compensation for your injuries. If this means your case will need to go to court, our Arizona trial lawyers will be at your side every step of the way.

Get the Representation You Deserve

If a truck accident has caused debilitating injuries to you or a loved one, Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm is here to help. Our lawyers will take you through the legal process so you can get justice.

We understand how insurance companies may pressure you to settle so you don’t have to keep worrying about having a legal matter hanging over your head, but they will likely not offer you compensation that’s equal to what you’ve lost. A Phoenix, AZ truck accident lawyer will fully assess all the evidence and seek compensation that will allow you to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

It’s important to reach out as quickly as possible. Call our office for a free case evaluation today. Our lawyers can go over the legal process, answer your questions, and get started fighting for you.

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