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Sharing the road with large trucks is a typical occurrence because we depend on these vehicles to transport goods all over Arizona, including Mesa. While drivers may be alert and cautious around commercial vehicles, accidents can still happen when the truck driver or another party acts negligently. If their negligence causes a crash, the occupants in the other vehicle will likely suffer serious injuries and damages. 18 wheeler accidents can result in death or permanent injuries. A Mesa, AZ truck accident lawyer can help you hold the negligent party accountable and seek justice for what you’ve experienced.

While these types of cases can be complicated, the lawyers at Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm are ready to stand up for your rights. The debilitating injuries that truck accidents cause can be life-altering. When you’re going through the recovery process, you deserve to know there are people looking out for your best interests. With our attorneys as your representation, you can count on us to always fight for the outcome that will most benefit you and your future.

A Mesa, AZ Truck Accident Lawyer Is Ready to Fight for You

After your accident, the insurance company covering the other party may reach out to you. They could try to offer you a settlement. While it can seem like a quick way to take care of getting a settlement for your injuries, they will likely offer you less than you deserve. When you’re dealing with the severe outcomes of a collision with a semitruck, you deserve full and fair compensation. That’s where our truck accident lawyer steps in.

We know the tactics that insurance companies employ to get you to accept an unfavorable settlement. They may downplay your injuries, try to place some of the blame on you, or overwhelm you with confusing legal jargon. Our attorneys won’t give in to these tactics and we are never intimidated by insurance companies that are trying to protect their bottom line.

When our lawyers are handling your case, we’ll carefully go over the accident report, investigate the truck driver, trucking company, and the circumstances of your accident. We’ll piece together the order of events that led to the crash and how you were injured. Our attorneys will use this evidence to build a strong case that shows you were a victim and should receive compensation.

We’ll Hold the Negligent Party Accountable for Their Actions

As we’re investigating your case, we’ll determine who was responsible for the crash. This can provide further details to the nature of the crash and how it impacted you. Some possible parties that could have acted negligently may have been at the scene of the accident, but in some cases the party responsible for the accident may have been miles away from the crash.

It’s possible the truck driver made a dangerous or reckless decision and caused the collision. A few reasons where the truck driver could have been at fault include:

  • Fatigued Driving. An exhausted driver can make a mistake like veering out of their lane and hitting another vehicle next to them. In some cases, a trucker could fall asleep at the wheel. Truckers are supposed to take regular breaks and rest so they can be alert when they’re driving.
  • Driver Error. Operating a big rig is much different than a regular-sized vehicle. If a driver is speeding, forgets to signal, or are more focused on their cell phone, then they could cause an accident.
  • Inexperience. Some truckers may not have the training or experience to drive a commercial vehicle. They could not give enough time to safely turn or change lanes, which could cause rollover accidents or trap cars underneath the semi.

However, it’s also possible for the truck driver to have been a victim of negligence, too. If the trucking company acted negligently, they may have:

  • Failed to Maintain the Vehicle. Commercial trucks need to undergo maintenance so everything is in working condition. If these checks don’t occur, the driver could be operating a truck that has faulty brakes or other issues that could lead to a crash.
  • Overloaded Truck. The truck’s axles can bear a certain amount of weight. When they’re carrying cargo beyond that capacity, the axles can fail and the driver can lose control of the vehicle.
  • Failed to Secure Cargo/Trailer. If cargo isn’t secured, it can bounce and roll around the trailer, knock it off balance, and cause a jackknife accident. Sometimes, the trailer itself isn’t secure and the cargo can fall out of the truck and hit cars behind it. If the truck is carrying toxic substances that seep into the environment, the cargo can also affect those who live in the area.

When your Mesa, AZ truck accident lawyer knows who was responsible for your injuries, then we can take steps to hold them accountable. We’ll investigate to see if a truck driver or trucking company have histories of negligent decisions and accidents. If this isn’t their first offense, this information could help your case.

Our Lawyers Will Determine the Costs of Your Injuries and Losses

Your truck accident attorney is fighting for you to get justice. This means maximizing your compensation so you’re able to cover what the crash has cost you. When you’re handling injuries from a truck collision, the damages can be severe. We’ll look into the following losses so you’re able to have peace of mind that you can get the care you need and continue to take care of your family:

  • Medical Expenses (including past and future care)
  • Lost Wages/Diminished Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Property Damage
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress/Mental Anguish
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life

We’ll seek compensation that fully covers your economic and noneconomic damages so you get the financial security you deserve. Our lawyers understand that treating injuries can take time and some may have long-lasting effects, which can determine the level of care you need and whether or not you’re able to work. We always keep your future in mind so you won’t run into difficulties.

While these damages are to compensate you for the costs of the accident, other types of damages may apply to your case. Punitive damages are meant to punish the negligent party and are applicable if they acted with gross negligence. Your lawyer will analyze the evidence available to see if we can fight for you to recover these damages as well.

Learn About Your Legal Options Today

When you or a loved one is harmed in a truck accident, you can take legal action to get the recovery you deserve. A Mesa, AZ truck accident lawyer from Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm can help you through the legal process and seek full and fair compensation. To start the process, you can reach out to us for a free case evaluation.

Our law firm has experienced, dedicated attorneys who go above and beyond for our clients. We’re ready to do the same for residents in Mesa and the greater Arizona area. When you meet with us, we’ll review what happened to you to determine if you have an eligible claim and how we can proceed. We will answer your questions or concerns about your case. Our lawyers will work with you so we can fight for your future.

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