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As the largest inland port along the border between the United States and Mexico, there are four bridges that span the Rio Grande to connect Laredo and Nuevo Laredo across the border. This means that commercial trucks frequently use the bridges and drive through Laredo to transport goods between the two countries. Even though most truck drivers are careful, there can still be crashes that happen.

Our Laredo, TX truck accident lawyer is here to support you after a collision that has left you with injuries and other damages. Typically, wrecks involving tractor trailers can result in catastrophic injuries that affect victims for the rest of their lives, or they result in fatalities. This can be tragic for you and your family and leave you with bills and other costs that pileup.

That’s why it helps to have Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm on your side. We’ll get you the financial compensation that you deserve so that you can focus on your physical and emotional healing from your accident.

Webb County Truck Accident Statistics

As the county seat of Webb County, we can look at the statistics of commercial motor vehicle crashes of Webb County to evaluate how many of these accidents occur in Laredo each year. The Texas Department of Transportation released a report containing values for the number of crashes that happened with large trucks and other commercial vehicles by county in 2020.

In total, there were 501 crashes involving commercial motor vehicles in 2020. There were different levels of the severity of accidents, though, that were also listed in the report. They were:

  • 395 non-injury crashes
  • 51 possible injury crashes
  • 44 non-incapacitating injury crashes
  • 3 suspected serious injury crashes
  • 2 fatal crashes

Collisions with 18 wheelers can be especially dangerous for everyone involved because the trucks are so much larger and heavier than regular motor vehicles. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), commercial trucks with loaded trailers can weigh up to 30 times more than passenger vehicles. This is why accidents between the two types of vehicles can cause such devastating damages and even lead to fatalities more often.

Of the fatalities that happen in tractor trailer wrecks across the county, passenger vehicle occupants are more likely to die in the crashes compared to the occupants of the truck. For the victims of these crashes, passengers in regular sized vehicles make up 67 percent of the people who die, and passengers in the large trucks make up 16 percent of the people who die. This shows that the crashes are far more dangerous and deadly for drivers and passengers of regular cars.

When you’re sharing the road with a large truck in Webb County, you should always do your best to stay as safe as possible. When you’ve done all you can and still get into a crash because of the trucker or a third party’s negligence, you need the help of our Laredo, TX truck accident attorney. We’ll guide you through your claim and get you justice for your injuries.

Common Causes of Truck Wrecks in Laredo

You can’t always avoid an 18 wheeler crash from happening. As much as you can, you want to stay as alert and safe as possible when sharing the road with a tractor trailer, but that’s not always possible when someone else is negligent. Their negligence can lead to a mistake and subsequent accident.

When you’ve been in a collision with a large truck, you and your lawyer will need to look to the cause of the crash so that you can determine exactly who was at fault. Here are the most common causes that your truck accident attorney in Laredo has experience building a case around:

  • Driver Error. Even though truckers are highly trained and have many regulations in place just to ensure they drive safely, they can still make mistakes. If they get distracted, fall asleep, or make any other error while driving, it can lead to catastrophic collisions. Drivers of regular cars can also make errors that lead to accidents with large trucks.
  • Substance or Alcohol Use. Even though it’s illegal, drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs or other substances can lead to serious crashes. Being inebriated affects your reaction times and decision making.
  • Speeding. Driving faster than the speed limit can cause drivers to have less control over their vehicle. Speeding also reduces reaction times of drivers and can prevent them from getting out of the way to avoid a crash. With commercial trailers especially, speeding can lead to tipping of the truck, which can lead to a rollover or jackknife accident.
  • Blind Spots. Large trucks have blind spots surrounding them, and these can be dangerous for regular vehicles. If you sit in them too long and the trucker can’t see your car, they might not know you’re there and could collide with you.
  • Overloaded Trailer. There are regulations surrounding the weight of trailers so that cabs can easily pull them and to ensure that the axles are not overloaded. However, when the trailer is overloaded or loaded improperly, it can cause the weight to be wrongly distributed and cause wrecks.
  • Defective Part. As we’ve been over, trucks are large and heavy. If one of their parts malfunctions, it can have deadly consequences for everyone involved. Defective brakes or a blown tire could lead to serious collisions.
  • Bad Roads. If roads are not properly maintained, they can become dangerous. Potholes and other obstructions can lead to crashes between vehicles on the road.
  • Bad Weather. High winds, serious rains, and other weather events could be dangerous when you’re on the road. It’s important to always check the weather forecast before driving or remain calm when you’re driving in poor weather.

The cause of your collision is important to your claim. Once that’s pinned down, your Laredo, TX truck accident attorney can use that cause to determine exactly who needs to be held responsible for what happened. From there, we’ll work with you to gather evidence and prove their fault.

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