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Riding your motorcycle should be a fun and exhilarating experience. Cars are supposed to share the road with motorcyclists so that everyone can remain safe while driving on back roads, highways, and city streets. When one person makes a mistake or is negligent while driving their car or other vehicle, they can cause a collision that can be devastating for a motorcyclist. Our Laredo, TX motorcycle accident lawyer is here to help you recover what you’re owed when you get injured in one of these crashes.

Since motorcyclists are more exposed while riding than their regular vehicle counterparts, they can suffer from more catastrophic injuries than the driver or passenger of a car might suffer when the two get into a collision. That’s why the experienced attorneys at Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm are here to support you throughout your claim and defend your rights.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation releases yearly reports that tally the numbers of motorcycle accidents and how serious the injuries were from the crashes. In 2020, there were a total of 8,173 injuries and fatalities from wrecks on motorcycles. This number includes both drivers and passengers on the motorcycle. Here are the other statistics involving the level of injury sustained in motorcycle wrecks that year:

  • 482 fatalities
  • 1,856 suspected serious injuries
  • 2,687 non-incapacitating injuries
  • 1,704 possible injuries
  • 1,222 non-injuries

Looking at these statistics gives insight into how dangerous motorcycle wrecks are for the drivers and passengers riding on motorbikes. The number of non-injuries is five and a half times smaller than the number of injuries and fatalities from these collisions combined. This means that a motorcyclist is five and a half times more likely to suffer from an injury or fatality as a result of an accident than walk away without any injuries.

The numbers listed above are totals, but within the Texas DOT report, there is a distinction between whether or not the victims of the crash were wearing a helmet. In the fatality report, more riders and passengers were not wearing helmets than were wearing a helmet. In the report of those not injured, significantly more riders and passengers were wearing helmets than not. This shows that wearing a helmet, although it can’t always prevent serious injuries, is a safety measure that you should always follow.

If you’ve suffered from injuries and damages while you were legally riding your motorcycle and following all the regulations, then you likely weren’t at fault for what happened. Our Laredo, TX motorcycle accident attorney is here to guide you through a claim and get you the financial recovery you deserve for what you’ve suffered.

Important Laredo, TX Motorcycle Laws

Just like knowing statistics can help you understand trends of accidents, injuries, and fatalities from motorcycle accidents and apply them to your situation, knowing motorcycle laws can also help you ride lawfully and determine who was at fault for the wreck. There are two laws that you absolutely need to know so that you will be following the most necessary requirements while on your bike.

The biggest motorcycle regulation in Texas that you need to know is our helmet law. When you are under the age of 21, you are required to wear a helmet that adheres to the standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). However, turning 21 isn’t the only qualifier to allow motorcyclists to legally ride without a helmet.

Once a rider turns 21, they must complete a motorcycle safety course that is approved by the Texas Department of Transportation in order to ride their motorcycle without a helmet. Even though this would make it legal, that doesn’t make it the best choice. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of serious injury and death in motorcycle wrecks.

Another important law to know is that lane splitting is illegal in Texas. Lane splitting is when motorcycles weave in between slowed or stopped traffic. While some sources say that this can reduce the number of collisions that motorcyclists get into where they rear-end larger vehicles and suffer from head trauma. However, it is a dangerous practice that can lead to serious accidents when regular vehicles merge or switch lanes and collide with motorcyclists who they didn’t see and didn’t expect because they were in between lanes.

By following these laws, you can ensure that even if you do get into a collision while riding your motorcycle, you won’t be the one at fault for what happened. Our Laredo, TX motorcycle accident lawyer will help you get to the bottom of your claim and determine who was responsible so that we can hold them liable for your damages.

Injuries Victims Suffer in Laredo Motorcycle Wrecks

As mentioned above, there are different levels to the injuries that victims of motorcycle wrecks suffer from. As your motorcycle accident lawyers, we’ll use the proof of your injuries to make your case stronger. Records of your injuries from the crash can show that the other party was negligent and directly caused the damages that you suffered from.

Some of the injuries that you might have incurred from your motorbike crash are:

  • Bruises and Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Road Rash
  • Broken Bones
  • Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation

The harm you could suffer from someone else’s negligence ranges from mild to more severe. On the most severe end, the injuries could even prove fatal. Your Laredo, TX motorcycle accident attorney will fight to recover damages for what you’ve been through.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm Can Help

Getting into a motorcycle wreck can completely upend your life. When someone else is negligent, their actions could lead to injuries and damages that you wrongfully suffer at their hands. Those injuries could cause current and future medical bills and treatments that you weren’t expecting and could impact your ability to earn money for the rest of your life.

That’s where our Laredo, TX motorcycle accident attorney can help. We have experience dealing with accident victims and can support you every step of the way until you get full and fair compensation. Reach out to us today so we can get started on your claim right away.

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