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Were you a victim of a slip and fall accident because a business didn’t clean up a spill? Or were you hurt because of a broken railing or step? If these incidents happened on another’s property and the property owner failed to take proper measures to keep the premises safe, then they fall under premises liability law and you may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries. When you’re considering taking legal action, it’s best to have experienced support on your side from an El Paso, TX premises liability lawyer.

Accidents on a premises are often happen without warning. Before you know it, you could have an injury that may affect you for the upcoming weeks or months. You shouldn’t have to worry about the medical care and other costs it will take for you to heal and get back on your feet. That’s where Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm can help. You deserve to recover compensation for your injuries and we’ll work diligently to make that happen.

How Do Hazards Cause Injuries?

While there are many ways that someone can get hurt on a premises, your El Paso, TX premises liability lawyer is familiar with the common ways that people are harmed on various premises. We’ll know how to proceed. We’re experts at investigating premises liability cases and will find out what exactly caused your injuries. Some possible hazards that could have led to your injuries include:

  • Fire Hazards. Faulty or exposed wires, open flames, and other hazards create the risk of causing electrical shocks or fires, which can cause burn injuries and respiratory injuries.
  • Falling Hazards. Torn carpets, uneven steps, and debris left in walkways can all make someone slip or trip and fall. Fall injuries can result in broken bones, sprains, severe cuts—these injuries can be more dangerous depending on where they happen. For example, a slip and fall where someone hits their head can possibly suffer a concussion.
  • Weather Hazards. The weather can also cause hazards, like rain making surfaces slippery. If a floor is too slippery and there isn’t a mat, isn’t cleaned up, or there isn’t a caution sign, those entering the building can get hurt.
  • Attractive Nuisances. When properties have attractions like pools, they need to be kept secure so others aren’t hurt. One of the main concerns with pools is having fences to keep out children without adult supervision. If a pool didn’t have a locked fence and a child wandered onto the premises and was hurt, then the person who owns the property could be held responsible.
  • Negligent Security. Businesses or other properties should have security cameras and proper lighting to help prevent assaults or robberies. If the premises didn’t have working security or didn’t have any measures in place, they may be held responsible if someone was attacked on the property.

No matter the reason for your injuries, they should not have happened in the first place. Our attorneys will protect El Paso residents who were wrongfully injured because of the actions of a careless property owner. When we’re on your side, you can depend on us to always fight for your best interests.

What Do You Need for a Valid Premises Liability Claim?

If you’re wondering if you’re eligible to seek compensation after you were injured on another’s property, your case will need to have certain points. Your premises liability lawyer will seek evidence to show that these points were present in your case and that you deserve compensation for your losses.

  • The premises had a risk or hazard that could cause someone harm.
  • The property owner was aware of the condition or should have been able to find out there was a hazard.
  • They did not inform the injured party about the hazard, nor did they take measures to fix or block off the hazard.
  • The visiting party suffered an injury because of the hazard.
  • The injury resulted in financial and nonfinancial losses.

An El Paso, TX premises liability lawyer will examine the scene, photographs, and medical records to find out what the hazard was, how the property owner failed to take care of it, and how it harmed you. Then, we can start fighting for you to recover the damages from the accident.

What Can Your Compensation Cover?

When you’re been injured in a premises liability accident, you could have injuries that will take professional care and significant rest. These can result in numerous medical bills, and you may have to stay home from work for a while. When the financial costs of your injuries are staggering, it’s easy to want to settle as quickly as possible so you can start paying those bills. However, this may leave you with much less than you deserve and it may not cover your medical costs. Our lawyers will fight for your compensation to include losses like:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Property Damage

In addition to your financial losses, your injuries may be causing pain and suffering and emotional distress. These are also losses your lawyer will include when calculating your compensation. We’ll consider every loss and every angle of what happened so your compensation is comprehensive and will help you move forward.

When property owners have harmed you and aren’t taking responsibility for their actions, you can turn to an El Paso, TX premises liability lawyer from our firm. We’re here for you.

Review Your Legal Options with Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm

After your injuries, it’s important to make a report of what happened and to seek medical attention. Once you’ve taken care of these, then it’s time to start exploring your legal options with a premises liability attorney.

When you meet with a lawyer from our personal injury firm, you’ll go over what happened and learn about how you can proceed in a free initial consultation. Our lawyers are ready to answer your questions about the legal process and your case. We have experience in getting favorable settlements for our clients and also representing them in court. Contact us today so we can start fighting for you.

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