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Corpus Christi can be a beautiful place to take a ride on a motorcycle. You have the Gulf of Mexico on one side of you, and the city on the other. Having the sun and warm Texas air swirling around you while on the road can be exhilarating and freeing, but it can also be one of the most devastating experiences of your life when you’re struck by another vehicle while riding.

Our Corpus Christi, TX motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get justice when you’ve been in a collision you didn’t cause. Even if you were being as safe as possible on your motorbike, another driver’s negligence could quickly turn into a deadly situation for you when they crash into you.

Since you’re more exposed on your bike than they are in their vehicle, the injuries you suffer can be far worse than what they incur. At Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm, we’re prepared to investigate what caused your accident and who was at fault so that you can get justice for what you’ve been through.

Texas Motorcycle Crash Statistics

On average, one motorcyclist died in a crash in Texas every day in 2020. Even though motorcycle wrecks in general reduced by two percent that year, fatalities increased by 17 percent in that same year. In fact, motorcyclist fatalities make up 12 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state. That might seem like a small percentage, but there are far less motorcyclists on the road compared to regular vehicles.

Additionally, the Texas Department of Transportation released a report of motorcyclists who were injured and killed in crashes in 2020. Here are the different levels of injury and the number of victims from Texas motorbike wrecks that year:

  • 1,222 non-injuries
  • 1,704 possible injuries
  • 2,687 non-incapacitating injuries
  • 1,856 suspected serious injuries
  • 482 fatalities

Comparatively to other accidents, like car and truck accidents, the numbers for victims who suffered injuries compared to non-injuries are much larger. This is because riders and passengers on motorcycles are more exposed when they are on the bike.

When someone crashes into them, they are more likely to be injured because their bodies are directly impacted by the vehicle. If they are thrown from the motorcycle, the impact of the pavement can create even more injuries.

After suffering from the harm caused by a wreck, you could use the help of a Corpus Christi, TX motorcycle accident lawyer. We’ll be able to look into what caused your wreck so that we can prove that the other party was negligent. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of motorbike crashes in our coastal city.

Causes of Corpus Christi Motorcycle Wrecks

Being a safe motorcyclist is important—it can save you from getting in a wreck. However, when other drivers on the road aren’t as careful, they could cause a crash with you, even when you’re being as safe as possible and following every law. In order to avoid accidents, you should know the common causes of motorcycle wrecks.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, your lawyer will look into the cause of the collision so that they can determine who was liable. Here are some of the most common causes of motorbike crashes that our attorneys in Corpus Christi have seen:

  • Left Turns. Left turns are some of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists. Regular drivers who are moving straight through an intersection, or who are making left turns and don’t see a motorcyclist coming through an intersection, can easily get into a crash that seriously injures the person on the bike. Intersections in general are dangerous for motorcyclists.
  • Switching Lanes. Since motorcycles are smaller than regular vehicles, many times, drivers aren’t scanning the road in the same way for motorcyclists as they are bigger vehicles. This means that if they’re switching lanes, they might not see a motorcyclist in their blind spot, or they might not even be looking for them, and cause a wreck.
  • Lane Splitting. Even though it’s illegal in Texas, motorcyclists still might choose to lane split on the roads and highways. This could be deadly for them because regular vehicles are less likely to be able to see the rider weaving between traffic, and crash into them.
  • Distracted Driving. General inattention could be enough to cause a collision between a motorcyclist and a driver, and distracted driving could be even worse for the fate of a rider. When drivers are texting, using their media consoles, or doing any other activity that takes their attention away from the road, they could cause a deadly crash.
  • Drunk Driving. As always, drunk driving and driving under the influence are dangerous, illegal decisions. Slowed reaction time, inhibited motor skills, and declined decision making are all side effects of being drunk or high behind the wheel, and can lead to a serious collision between a car and a motorcycle.
  • Speeding. When any vehicle or bike is moving faster than the speed limit, they lose control at the slightest change, which could lead to an accident. There is also less time to make a split second decision when you’re speeding that could be the difference between being able to stop in time or not having the ability to swerve.

Once your lawyer identifies what caused your motorcycle wreck, they’ll be better able to determine who was negligent and therefore responsible for the harm you suffered. Our Corpus Christi, TX motorcycle accident attorney will fully investigate your claim so that you can get justice.

Texas Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Wearing a helmet is one of the most important things while you’re riding a motorcycle. All of your safety gear is crucial for keeping you from more serious injuries, but a helmet is the item that can prevent the most serious injuries in many situations. Helmet laws are in place to keep riders as safe as possible while on the road. Even though helmets can’t always prevent you from harm, they are helpful and keeping your head protected in most collisions.

In Texas, you are legally required to wear a helmet if you are under the age of 21. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, you must have on a helmet. Even if you’re over 21, you still must pass safety courses in order to ride without a helmet. You might think that this is true freedom, but not wearing a helmet can be a devastating decision when you get into an accident.

Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm Will Support You

When you get into a wreck while riding your motorcycle, the result can be devastating. Your physical and emotional injuries could change the course of your life and keep you from going back to work any time soon, if at all. At Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm, we understand how these changes to your life can be had to deal with and adapt to.

Our Corpus Christi, TX motorcycle accident lawyer is here to help you figure out what you’re owed so that you can focus on your healing. We’ll handle the legal side of things while you work on getting back to your normal life as best as possible. Reach out to our office today so we can schedule your free consultation.

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