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You shouldn’t have to be worried about other drivers when you’re trying to ride your motorcycle on the open road, but unfortunately, you do. Even though you’d want nothing more than to be the only person on the road when you’re cruising on your motorcycle, there are constantly other drivers around you who could make a mistake at any moment and crash into you. That’s when you could use the help of our Chandler, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer.

We understand how devastating one of these collisions can be, especially when you were just trying to enjoy a nice day on your motorbike. These crashes can come out of nowhere and completely upend your life. Our attorneys can help you gain back control of your life through filing a motorcycle accident claim.

At Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm, we’re dedicated to motorcycle accident victims and getting them the compensation they deserve. We’ll stand up for your rights so that you can focus on what matters most—healing.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics in Arizona

As a motorcyclist in Arizona, even if you’re as safe as possible, you’re at risk for a wreck while you’re riding. You could follow every law, pay attention to every rule, and be extremely cautious on your bike, but still get struck by another driver who wasn’t being attentive. Looking to motorcycle crash statistics in our state can help you understand the risk involved with riding.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s 2020 crash facts, these are the number of motorcycle accidents in our state in that year:

  • 2,373 total crashes
  • 163 fatal crashes
  • 1,855 injury crashes
  • 355 property damage only crashes

By looking at these numbers, you can see that nearly 80 percent of all motorcycle crashes in our state end in injury. This is because motorcyclists and their passengers are more exposed while on their cycles, which means that their bodies are the main object taking the force of the impact. If they are thrown from the motorcycle, their bodies also take the force of hitting the pavement or any other objects as well.

This is why motorcycle accidents can easily cause serious injuries or could even quickly lead to death. Even if your collision only caused property damage, you’ll still have a lot to deal with in the aftermath. When injuries or fatalities are also involved, you can expect your life to completely change.

Our Chandler, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer is here to help you through all of this. We’ll investigate what happened and hold the correct party accountable so that you can move on with your life as best as possible.

What Causes Moto Wrecks in Chandler

Another way to better understand the risk involved with riding your motorbike is by looking into the different causes of motorcycle wrecks. This can help you try to avoid a crash between you and another driver, or it can help you deal with what happened by knowing exactly what caused your collision. Knowing the different situations that cause a wreck can also help your lawyer determine who was at fault for what happened to you.

Here are some of the most common causes of moto accidents in Chandler, AZ:

  • Drunk Driving. When any driver is drunk, whether it’s the biker or the driver of a regular vehicle, a deadly crash can happen.
  • Distracted Driving. If any driver doesn’t pay attention to the road, or if they’re only looking for regular sized vehicles, they could fail to see a motorcyclist and crash into them.
  • Following Too Closely. When cars follow motorcyclists too closely, they could run into their back tire and cause an accident. Similarly, if a motorcyclist is following too closely, they could brake suddenly and ram into the car. When this happens, they can suffer severe head trauma.
  • Failing to Yield. Yield signs are posted for a reason. When the driver or biker is supposed to yield and doesn’t, this can cause an accident.
  • Intersections. These are the most dangerous spots for all drivers, including motorcyclists. People on motorbikes are easily overlooked in intersections and can suffer serious crashes.
  • Speeding. Driving over the posted speed limit increases your risk of accidents because you have less reaction time and all of your movements are amplified from the speed.
  • Hit and Runs. When a driver strikes a biker and flees, this can be a serious situation for the injured parties.

Our Chandler, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer will fully investigate what happened in your collision so that we can determine what caused it, who was responsible, and what you’re owed in damages.

Arizona Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Since our state follows pure comparative fault laws, even if you were partially at fault, you can still recover damages in a moto wreck. However, you should still try to follow all the rules when riding your motorcycle so that you can stay as safe as possible and not have to worry about being considered at fault for anything in the event of a crash.

One way you can ensure you’re following the law is by adhering to motorcycle helmet laws. In Arizona, all motorcyclists and their passengers under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while on their bikes, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. No matter what age, a rider must wear glasses, goggles, or a transparent face shield to protect them from the wind.

Regardless, motorcyclists should always choose to wear a helmet because it’s the safest option. While it can’t protect you in every scenario, it does reduce your chances of suffering from a traumatic brain injury as a result.

When you’ve been in a crash as a biker, you could use the help of our motorcycle accident lawyer in Chandler, AZ. We can help stand up for your rights and get you justice for what you’ve suffered through.

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You don’t have to go through the aftermath of a motorcycle wreck on your own. Our attorneys at Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm are prepared to fight for you and support you through every step of your claim. Our Chandler, AZ motorcycle accident attorney is here to help you and your family heal. Reach out to our office today so we can schedule a free consultation.

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