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The Injuries: How Medical Negligence Can Harm Patients in Gallbladder Surgery

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How Medical Negligence Can Harm Patients in Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder removal surgery is a relatively common procedure that is performed on about 750,000 people in the U.S. each year. Despite being a fairly routine operation, gallbladder surgeries can result in health complications for some patients – especially when medical professionals are not as experienced, careful, attentive or sober as they should be.

At Buckingham Barrera Law Firm, our Midland attorneys have extensive experience representing people who have been hurt in traditional and laparoscopic gallbladder surgeries. Effective at holding negligent medical professionals accountable, our lawyers can help you protect and advocate your rights to compensation if you (or someone you love) have been injured in a gallbladder removal operation.

While our lawyers cannot change the past – and although no amount of money can ever make up for permanent injuries (or the loss of a loved one), we are here for you now. And our representation can make an enormous difference in your case, your recovery and your future.

Gallbladder Surgery Complications: Bile Duct Injuries

The single most common complication that can arise in gallbladder removal surgery is damage to the bile duct. This can occur as a result of surgeons mistaking the bile duct, which should not be cut during a gallbladder operation, with the cystic duct, which should be cut in order to safely remove a diseased gallbladder.

Various factors can increase the risk of bile duct injuries during gallbladder surgery. When negligence is involved, however, it typically comes in the form of surgeons who:

  • Lack the experience to differentiate the bile duct from the cystic duct
  • May rush through the procedure and, in doing so, puncture the bile duct
  • Fail to convert laparoscopic procedures to open surgery when necessary (which can be the case, for instance, when patients have abnormal anatomy, excessive abdominal scar tissue from previous surgeries, and/or excessively swollen gallbladders).

Here, it’s also important to point out that the negligence that can contribute to bile duct injuries does not only occur during an operation. It can also arise afterwards when, for example, surgeons, nurses or other medical professionals:

  • Fail to follow-up with surgery patients to ensure they are recovering properly
  • Fail to recognize and/or properly treat the signs of bile duct injuries.

This, in turn, can mean that patients develop additional health complications, such as (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Jaundice
  • Serious infections, especially in the small intestines
  • Organ damage
  • Organ failure.

Other Gallbladder Surgery Injuries & Complications

In addition to bile duct injuries, other complications that can arise from mistakes made during gallbladder surgery include (but may not be limited to):

  • Cuts or damage to the blood vessels and/or organs that surround the gallbladder – This can lead to internal bleeding and possibly even organ failure.
  • Severe infections – If left untreated, serious infections (like sepsis) can be fatal.

The oversights of surgeons, operating (and post-operative) nurses, and others can also play a role in causing these gallbladder surgery injuries.

Red Flags that Medical Negligence Contributed to Your Gallbladder Surgery Injuries

Some common warning signs that medical mistakes may have caused your gallbladder surgery complications and injuries can include:

  • Abdominal inflammation and pain that intensifies after the surgery
  • The need for follow-up surgery
  • Surgeons and/or other medical professionals being evasive about answering your questions or providing information related to your surgery
  • Surgeons and/or other medical professionals failing to perform follow-up checkups to evaluate your recovery.

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