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7 Filing a Truck Accident Claim Tips

Published on Jun 16, 2017 at 9:20 pm in Truck Accidents.


Filing a claim with an insurance company and dealing with insurance agents are common steps in the recovery process following truck accidents.

While these steps may seem relatively mundane – and while it may appear that insurance agents are helpful during the claims process, truck accident survivors need to understand that insurers and their employees:

  • Are NOT on survivors’ sides or looking out for their best interests
  • Are NOT obligated to explain the law or claimants’ rights
  • Are driven to protect the company – and, commonly, this comes at the expense of victims.

Ultimately, this means that, when it comes to pursuing compensation for a truck accident from an insurer, victims cannot trust insurers to honor their rights or be forthcoming about paying the full value of the claim.

If, however, victims know how to protect their rights and claim when dealing with insurers, they can position their claim and recovery for success. To this end, below are some insider tips on how to handle insurers when pursuing truck accident claims.

Truck Accident Compensation Claims: How to Protect Your Rights When Interacting with Insurers

  1. Stick to the facts – When discussing the details of the wreck with an insurance agent, only talk about the facts, such as when and where the crash happened, who was involved, what the scene/weather/road was like at the time of the crash, etc. Don’t speculate. And don’t answer any questions that you don’t know the answer to. “I don’t know” is a perfectly fine answer.
  2. Don’t accept blame or fault at any point – Regardless of whether you think you may have caused or contributed to the truck crash, do not admit fault at any point when talking to insurers. Any admission of fault (even if accidental) can serve as the leverage insurers are looking for to undercut or deny your claim.
  3. Don’t succumb to pressure to give an “official” statement – Just like admissions of fault, official or recorded statements do not work in claimants’ favor – and they can be used against claimants to reduce or deny their claims.
  4. Don’t cash any checks the insurer sends – If, during the claims process, an insurance company sends you a check, don’t automatically cash it. Doing so can be an implicit acceptance of a settlement offer, closing your claim and preventing you from getting the full amount you’re entitled to.
  5. Don’t agree to any settlement offer without carefully reviewing the details – Although an insurer’s offer may seem favorable or sizeable, be sure to look over the fine points to make sure it fully compensates you for all of the crash-related losses you’re entitled to (like medical care costs, vehicle repair costs, lost wages, etc.). If you aren’t sure about how to dig into these details (or what you really do deserve in terms of this compensation), meet with an attorney, who can review the offer and provide you with sound legal advice regarding your best options for proceeding.
  6. Don’t accept a denial as the last word on your claim – Denying valid claims is a common tactic insurers use to protect their profits. They’re counting on claimants not knowing their rights and entitlements. Don’t let them get away with this unethical practice when it comes to your claim. If your claim is denied, then it’s time to take the next step…
  7. Get an experienced advocate in your corner – When pursuing compensation after a truck accident, an experienced attorney will be your best ally, advocate and resource. A lawyer will know how to stand up to insurers, challenge their questionable decisions and fight to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve.

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